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Free Rewards for Shiya
Many people don't know about this, but it should be at least known to everyone in the guild! There are free rewards that you can earn every hour, by going Here
Guild News


SpecterDak, Nov 5, 11 3:18 PM.
Alright guys, you tell me your going to be here for grb, or you made this character just for GRB! well, now we have a GRB and NO ONE comes! WTH! Am i just supposed to keep you guys in TOP 30 by MYSELF! Are me and Mystogan going to struggle like HELL to get YOU your glorified rank and guild house?! HELL NAH! so this week, the guild WON'T have a RANK, GUILD HOUSE or ANYTHING rewardish like. I'm tired of carrying yall. GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND CARRY YOURSELVES! Im tired of coming to grb day and it only being a few people when like 12 people said "Oh ill be on for GRB" and this week, i wiped guild because some of us decided to take vacations for the last 2 weeks, with no reason. so, if you are still in the guild, CONGRATS! you didn't piss me off yet, you helped, you've done something useful. if you arent in the guild, well, ask yourself, WHY WEREN'T YOU HELPING MORE!?

New Changes

SpecterDak, Oct 20, 11 3:08 PM.
Hey, just changed some site colors, Added a Suggestion Box forum, and an Art Section for you wonderful artists out there to compete with me in LOL j/k but yeah, go post your pics, rate them, and enjoy :) btw, this website does have limited file storage, so if you can help keep the site within limits by uploading your pictures elsewhere unless they specifically have to do with our guild or shaiya, it would be a great help. 


Need a New Officer

SpecterDak, Oct 17, 11 12:57 AM.
We are currently searching for a new officer (rank 2). You can nominate a person to be officer Here

A couple of rules though, as always there are requirements, and certain things you can or cannot do:

  • You cannot nominate yourself
  • You cannot nominate someone who is already rank 1 or 2
  • you CAN denominate yourself if you have been nominated.
  • You cannot denominate someone else.
  • The person you nominate has to be Logged on at least 5 days of the week to be considered. 
  • If a person is nominated already who you wished to nominate, you can post that you Support or Do Not Support, their name, and then a reason why you do or don't.
  • The top 3 people who were nominated will be considered by the current rank 1 and 2's and one will either be chosen, or there will not be a promotion.
I am awaiting your responses, please read all posts in their entirety before you nominate anyone.

UPDATES: Member Records and Upcoming Sweep!

SpecterDak, Oct 16, 11 3:51 AM.
Oi! Just like to let you know the new add-ons to the site!

Member Records
We have a new page on the site, and it displays some interesting things like, Most and Least active members lists, our member shout box is in the middle, a Newest Members list, and also gives you the ability to Vote on the Member of the Month (as long as that person is registered). 

Its a new thing, and we're open to suggestions on what to add to it, but for now, it seems like a nice addition and i hope you guys like it.

The Tuesday Inactivity Sweep
I'm going to sweep inactive members on Tuesday, and since i have been asking people to pass along the message, and i trust my members, anyone who is not registered on the website, will have their characters kicked from the guild, because obviously, if my members are transferring the order, then there is no one who shouldn't be registered. Keep passing the word, i want to save as many people as i can from Tuesday.

The Tourney's!
Well, its come time to announce the beginning of some special events and get away from the grimy news! ProdigalOne will be running bracketed tournaments soon, and they do look promising. there are already medals on the website to be won, and there are in game prizes that he is selecting to give out to the top 4 competitors! So far, there are no fixed dates, however, keep checking the Raid Calendar and the Forums for the post up when I have decided its time to run a tournament!

Thats all for the day, and hopefully, i will be back soon to kick ass in game! give 'em hell, Dark Storm!


UPDATE: No Longer Recruiting; Weeding has Begun!

SpecterDak, Oct 11, 11 6:51 PM.
The Dark Storm is no longer accepting applicants, and we have a few things to discuss, members of the guild! We are weeding out people currently in the guild based on a few things, and you better listen closely, because our Zero Tolerance Policy is in effect now:

¤Any member who does not log on at least 2 times in the next week, without a prior statement of inability with a legitimate reason will be expelled from the guild. For those of you with Alts in the guild, this is why we have a guild website, so you can post what characters are you, so that I know that you are active.

¤You MUST create an account on the website and list your characters. If you do not, all unlisted toons will be booted, and you will have to discuss with me why you didnt log this toon as yours.

¤Anyone that breaks any of our Zero Tolerance Policy (ZTP) Rules 3 times will be booted. Listed below are people who have broke the rules, and how many times. I have given warnings as indicated, and will follow through with my threat.

I will be telling all members to check the guild message and telling them to apply to the guild website. This message should be spread to all members. If you do not follow through, then its your own damn fault you were booted.
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You must be willing to put forth a foot for the guild, and able to understand and follow the rules. If you can do that, then apply in game. If not... what are you doing here? :P We recruit all levels, classes, and modes, as long as you are willing to help other people, and be a part of a community.
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